How to Be a Growth Hacker in 2020, and How to Become One

This person parlayed a marketing background into a growth marketing position at HubSpot, a SaaS that helps companies with growth marketing via content marketing.
This person used a background at HubSpot to pick up growth positions at various startups ultimately culminating in an executive growth position.
This person actually had a background in chemical engineering, but became a digital marketer and thanks to the stint at Microsoft, a growth marketer.
‘Purple Cow’ is Godin’s term for something that makes people talk. Organic word of mouth marketing should always be the aim.
From Nir Eyal’s Hooked
From Jonah Berger’s Contagious
Content marketing targeted toward search inquiries, similar to a Quora answer, is the theme of this book by Marcus Sheridan.
Advertising that is relevant to the targeted consumer is called permission marketing, Again, a product of Godin.




Growth hacker, engineer, naturalist, founder, and VC,

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Ben Greeley

Ben Greeley

Growth hacker, engineer, naturalist, founder, and VC,

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